Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hunker Down

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Or so the local media would have us believe. After the latest forecasts on Hurricane Ike, I was a little worried. It seems to be drifting closer to the Houston area. At my house in Katy we are told to expect sustained winds of 81 mph if the storm goes in near Freeport on its present course. If it tracks a little further north into Galveston Bay, I actually end up on the clean side. We will be preparing today by clearing out space in the garage so that both vehicles will fit.

My biggest concern is the large pile of lumber in pieces within 10 yards of my house. They have pulled off the boards that created the form for the concrete foundation on the new house they are building. They have not bothered to clean up the construction site at all. I will take pictures of this hazard and let the builders know that if any of that stuff ends up in my house through one of my windows, they WILL get the bill for the repairs.

Other than that, we'll have AJ and the kitty sleep with us on Friday night. Or board up the window in AJ's room and put an air mattress on the floor in there with him.

We'll try to keep updates coming and we can. Stay safe, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Stay safe! Keep us updated on how yall made it out in Katy.


Hol and J said...

We'll be hunkering down as well (in NW Houston). Stay safe! Prayers going up for everyone in Ike's path.

Margie said...

You are always welcomed to take a mini vacation and come see us in Corpus!!!!