Wednesday, August 13, 2008


AJ went to the dentist yesterday morning to have a spacer apparatus put in his mouth to correct his crossbite. He was very brave, sat completely still, and only whimpered a couple of times. However, now his poor little mouth is sore. He doesn't want to bite or chew anything; and he didn't talk for several hours after it was put in. He now talks with a slight lisp...

This morning on the way to school he asked:
"Mommy, why the thun have more thleep time? Why the thun not have to get up and go to thunshine thool?"

That's a very good question, my sweet little boy...

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nikki said...

Ooooo Ooooo! Ask him to say "Suffering Succotash" a la Sylvestor the Cat.

Poor kid, I remember having to have my mouth messed with for years. I hope the pain goes away soon.