Sunday, March 09, 2008

Just not sure what to say

Well, I am back from an exhausting trip to Cancun, but have been dealing with some stuff since my return. Good news is that I am still a Mommy, and the Hubby did not have to injure my baby while I was gone. These days you're never quite sure who you'll be dealing with - a precious, smart 3 year old or the spawn of Satan...

Upon my return to Houston, I got a text message with a picture of my friend's new baby. She was born on the day I left town. And she's a big girl, too -- 9 pounds, 7 ounces, 20.5 inches long! I have a hard time fathoming how that can be possible; I can't remember how long it took before AJ got to 9 1/2 pounds! Congratulations, M.....and welcome to the world, G!!

Tuesday Hubby and I were working at our precinct polling location. Hubby is the Election Judge for our precinct, and I was one of the clerks. We only had one Republican precinct voting at this location, but there were FOUR Democratic precincts voting there. It was mayhem from the very beginning, and only got worse. The polls were still open at 11:30pm with people still trying to vote who were in line before 7pm. The lines outside got out of control, the Sheriff's department was brought in, and basically the mob trashed the church where the voting was taking place. Hubby and the rest of his assistants had to be escorted to their cars be 6 deputies!

Wednesday, I spent the day coughing....that night I started to feel congested. By Thursday morning, I woke up with bloodshot eyes, chills, and hacking cough. There were things that HAD to be done and out of my office by Thursday afternoon, so I went in to work anyway. By 11am, I was sitting on the floor in my office, dizzy, nauseous, and afraid I was going to fall out of my chair if I tried to get up. My fever rose to about 102, and I felt horrible. I had a coworker driver me home.

Thursday night, my mother called to let me know that my half-sister was in the hospital in Amarillo, and they didn't think she was going to make it. It was snowing and icy, and none of us could figure out how we could get there. Then about 15 minutes later came the call to tell us that she didn't make it. She has been ill for several years with a disease that is similar to MS, but attacks the internal organs rather that the muscles. She left us at 48 years old. My Mom and Dad waited for the weather to clear, and drove up there on Saturday.

Friday I went to the doctor, where I found out that I have bronchitis. Yippee! Meanwhile, Hubby has started coughing like he is trying to hack up a lung or a giant hairball...Cross fingers that AJ's stuffy nose is just a stuffy nose...

The house is almost ready to go on the market. I have completed the Sellers Disclosure Notice paperwork, and am waiting for the realtor to come check everything out this Thursday. We sure had hoped to already have this thing listed....we're behind schedule. Pray for a quick response.

I have been feeling overwhelmed with everything. It seems like it's coming from all directions at once. I don't know whether to crawl under the table to hide or just sit down and have a good cry. On any given day I might very well do both.


Margaret said...

Oh dear lord, you are making me tired and overwhelmed... HOpe it smooths out for you...soon!

nikki said...

Sorry on your loss. I hope your week gets and YOU feel better soon.

mommiebear2 said...

Goodness, hope you all start feeling better soon! (((HUGS)))

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. If you were here I'd give you the biggest hug.

Crap on a crap cracker, my friend.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I haven't been there for ya, Sister!

I hope you are feeling better.

I am so sorry for your loss.

May God give you strength as you go through selling your house and finding another.

And PLEASE move into my neighborhood!!