Friday, October 12, 2007

HIJACKED - again!

I regret to inform the regular readers of the blog that the rightful blogger has suffered a Kafkaesque metamorphosis into a big ol' slimy germ. As a result she has been banished to the "Sickie room" until which time the germ decides to morph back into my lovely wife. I hope this happens soon, AJ and I are hungry.

Since germs are not allowed to write blogs (this would make them feel welcomed and we don't want to make the germ feel welcomed so it will go away soon) I have hijacked the blog again.

I want to tell everyone what great week AJ has had this week. It started Tuesday when both Mommy and AJ had dental appointments. AJ and I dropped Mommy off at her dentist and then drove over to AJ's dentist. If any of you are in the Katy or far west Houston area and need a Pediatric Dentist I highly reccomend Dr. Randy Hollenberg. Everyone over at his office is just fantastic. So this is AJ's first time in the "big chair." I'm seeing disaster written all over this. AJ, however, surprises me and is very interested in everything and extremely cooperative. He opens his mouth and allows the hygenist to clean his teeth and when the doctor comes he opens as wide as he can so the doctor can examine his teeth. In the end, I told AJ how proud I was of him and his little face just beamed. I know he was proud of himself.
After the dentist, since we were near AJ's pediatrician I decided we should go get AJ's flu shot. So AJ and I went over to pick up Mommy from the dentist and then drove over to Cinco Ranch Pediatrics (another great choice for parents in far west Houston or Katy). Before we go in, I tell AJ that he is going to get a shot and I need him to keep being a brave little boy. He says, "Ok".
Mommy gets a flu shot too (this is not what made caused the previously mentioned metamorphosis!!). Mommy goes first to show AJ that it isn't bad. AJ watches and then when it is his turn he bravely puts his arm out and receives his injection. A little flinch but no crying or whining. I beam proudly at my big boy.
Tuesday evening his Tae Kwon Do class. I tell AJ that he needs to listen to his instructor closely and do what is asked of him. AJ says, "Ok". During his Tae Kwon Do class AJ his marvelous and does everything that his asked of him. The instructor hands out tokens at the end of the class to the kids when they do well. The tokens can be saved to earn little prizes. AJ gets his first token!! He walks out of the class holding his token and just beaming. He knows that he has just accomplished something big and is once again very proud of himself.
On Wednesday AJ tells me that he was brave and he got his teeth cleaned. I never knew the dentist could be such a life changing event.
Thursday morning, Mommy's metamorphosis is complete. I am now a single parent. I have to 1) get myself out of bed (not an easy task), 2) get AJ out of bed (a little easier than me but not much), 3) get us both ready to leave, and 4) throw an antibiotic tablet at the germ in the "Sickie room". On this daunting morning my little boy is an absolute jewel. He wakes up, hops out of bed and is fully cooperative while I get him ready. He does, however, want to play with the germ because he thinks it looks like his Mommy. I try to explain that the germ is not his Mommy but I don't think he believes me.
Thursday night takes us back to Tae Kwon Do. Once again AJ "hits the ball out of the park." He listens to what all the instructors tell him and performs admirably. I beam proudly at my little boy. He is very excited and happy.
I like this little boy. Now how do I keep this one around instead of that stubborn, uncoopertive one that comes around every now and then?


AJsMom said...

I noticed you didn't mention that you keep calling me a "germ" in front of AJ, and that AJ finally defended me last night. When you took my hugs and kisses because he couldn't kiss the "germ", AJ quickly pointed out - "That not a germ, that's Mommy!"

Ajsdad said...

Go back to your room, germ. :P

mommiebear2 said...

LOL! Hope you feel better soon oh, and yeah for AJ!